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Classic CC Kebab

The kebab in 100g bags are pre cooked.

  • gluten free

  • lactose free

  • 73%

    meat content

  • 100%

    finnish meat

Product information

Origin of beef meat: Finland

Package sizes: 20 x 100g

Beef, water, soya protein, spices (onion, black pepper, lovage, garlic, fenugreek, dextrose, sucrose), potato fibre, salt (1,1%), stabilizers (E450, E451). 

Meat content 73%

The Classic CC Kebab slices are pre cooked, free from lactose and gluten.

Availability: Finland


~ 7-10 min

~ 12 min, 185° C

~ 2 min

Nutrition information

Energy 919 kJ / 220 kcal
Fat17 g 
– about which saturated fatty acid6,8 g 
Carbohydrate3,4 g 
– about which sugar1,0 g 
Protein15 g 
Salt 1,1 g 
Lactose0/100 g 

Wholesale info

Product Classic CC Kebab slices
20 x 100 g
P no. 157
Case EAN 6416345001574
Meira Nova1059224
Cases / pallet 91 pcs