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About us

Korv-Görans Kebab produces the best frozen meat products on the market – made by healthy staff and with a focus on sustainability and the environment. The family business was founded in 1988 in Jakobstad.

We are fully committed to modern, cost-effective and safe food production, offering high quality products to professionals and consumers alike. Our products have long been fast food classics and we have become a significant player in the hotel, restaurant and café industry and retail sector.

– Evert Granholm,
Executive Director

Modern production

Continuous development is one of the core values of Korv-Görans Kebab. A new environmentally friendly production facility has enabled us to reduce our annual carbon dioxide emissions by 938 tonnes.

Two of our previous milestones were the development of flash-frozen products in 2012 and a new production method for pre-cooked doner meat in 2015. These initiatives laid the foundations for major developments to the company, which continue to this day. In December 2021, an in-house butchery was commissioned adjacent to the existing production facility, ensuring the supply of raw produce and guaranteeing high-quality products while supporting domestic meat producers.

Quality, customer focus and safety

Our business is based on providing excellent food safety, delicious taste and outstanding quality at competitive prices. Korv-Görans Kebab has been ISO 22000 certified since 2008 and switched to BRC certified since 2023.

We listen to the needs of consumers and the market, and do product development cooperation with foodservice customers. We use Finnish-sourced meat wherever possible and have minimised the use of additives.