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Korv-Görans Kebab works actively towards sustainability by taking responsibility for the environment, product quality and staff.

Environmentally friendly production

Korv-Görans Kebab’s new factory is one of the most environmentally friendly in Finland. Rather than fossil fuels, nearly all the energy used is generated through heat recovery. In the future, biogas and solar panels will also be used as energy sources. Other measures include switching from oil to green electricity and reducing the use of plastic in the production process and packaging.

High-quality products

Thanks to continuous product development, we use the fewest additives possible. In recent years, we have invested in ensuring a faster and more hygienic thawing and cooling process and more consistent salt content across our chicken products. We have also introduced in-house butchery, providing better access to domestic beef.

Unique kebab production

Instead of traditional kebab production, in which meat is shaved off a skewer, our frozen kebab shavings are made from meat paste that only takes a minute or so to fry and cool. This unique process is very hygienic because the temperature change happens so quickly. Because the finished product is flash-frozen, preparation is very quick and food waste significantly reduced as customers can prepare only what they need.

Healthy staff

The foundation of Korv-Görans Kebab is its staff. That’s why the company makes it a high priority to create a working environment where employees feel comfortable and happy. To promote well-being, the company has invested in, among other things, ergonomic work equipment, exercise and massage benefits and a lunchtime restaurant for employees.