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Döner Beef-Chicken kebab slices


Grilled and individually frozen beef-chicken kebab slices

  • gluten free

  • lactose free

  • 80%

    meat content

Döner Nauta-Kanakebablastu 500g

Product information

Origin of beef: several member states of the EU.
Origin of chicken: Finland/Sweden.

Package size: 500 g

Beef, chicken, water, potatoe fiber, tapioca starch, iodized salt, spices (black pepper, onion, garlic, coriander, cumin, allspice, chili, fenugreek, lovage, dextrose, sucrose, flavouring), stabilizers (E450, E451).

Meat content 80%

The Kebab slices are ready to eat. Free from lactosegluten and milk.

Availability: Finland


~ 10 min

~ 10 min, 185° C

~ 5 min

Nutrition information

Energy 975 kJ / 233 kcal
Fat15 g 
– about which saturated fatty acid8,1 g 
Carbohydrate4,8 g 
– about which sugar1,4 g 
Protein15 g 
Fiber0 g
Salt 1,7 g 
Lactose0/100 g 

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2 ratings to
Döner Beef-Chicken kebab slices

  1. Huikean maukas tuote ja hyvä rakenne, ei liian isoja paloja. Eikä tunnu ihan niin rasvaiselta kuin pelkkä nauta.

  2. Söin kolme päivää kebabia ostamalla 500gramman pakkauksen. En ehtinyt kyllästyä, koska kebab maistuu niin hyvältä.